Advanced Eyebrows Training Course


The course is offered to permanent makeup professionals who want to learn the technique of filling and rebuilding eyebrows with a realistic effect with the use of permanent makeup tools such as microblading and permanent makeup devices.


Definition of the Technique
The importance of a consultation
Choosing the right colour and shape
Verification of symmetry
MISTAKES TO AVOID when designing the project
Devices and needles to use
The procedure of the technique
The ramification technique
Tattooing the perfect hair
MISTAKES TO AVOID during the tattooing phase
Post procedure
Technique and procedures of the Camo Remover
Speed and handling of the hand piece
Questions and Answer session
What is the Microblading Technique?
How it is done
The necessary materials
The designing phase
Study and selection of pigments
What are the risks?
Practice on SYNTHETIC skin and on MODELS is included


The academy offers only the teaching material on which the subjects of studies are developed. The student will have to bring his/her own permanent makeup device and needles.


Group course:
€ 1,200 + TAX 22% (min 2 - max 4 participants)
- 2 days - theory and practice on synthetic skin and models

Individual Course:

€ 1,500 + TAX 22%
- 1 + 1/2 days - practice on synthetic skin and models


1. Download the registration form
2. Fill in completely the registration form
3. Send it by email to