Creativity is the ability to make or think or see something that did not exist before

Rita is a professional permanent makeup artist who has devoted years to the permanent makeup industry. She believes that the face in the canvas of permanent cosmetics, understanding basic facial morphology is critical to act on its elements in order to enhance the features or correct the imperfections. Precise placement of permanent cosmetics will create the illusion of symmetry which translate to balance or proportional harmony.

Symmetry is associated with beauty and in general, studies indicate attractive people tend to be more intelligent and more popular therefore they have more occupational success and more dating experience. Rita takes advantage, in the best way possible, each client’s beauty potentiality to obtain successful procedures.

Professional and very polite , she did a beautiful job on my eyebrows and was able to direct me on what was more right to do on my face, not letting me form an idea that would give a contrived impression.  I can not wait to see the outcome when it’s done!

Morgan Vale Rondinini

Rita and ‘ a true professional in his field !! I had a great feel and to advise me with your eyes closed to anyone who decides to make a semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows ! I thought about it for several years , I have made several consultations but no one has convinced me appieno..finché I met Rita, who , with his security and his professionalism has won me 🙂 thanks Rita !

Giorgia Bertaccini

Rita six talented ! !! I made the eyebrows a week ago ‘ and it seems that he always had so inbred … !!! I recommend it to all for reliability, professionalism and kindness … that never hurts !! Really happy about your job !!! 😉

Cristiana Iacobis


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